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Cargo Tracing

You are required to register & login to use DAS's Cargo Tracing Service. After you have done so, feel free to input in the required field in order to obtain the updated status of your shipment.

Our website will have your shipment's record up to 1-year length of time for your viewing. Any shipment that has been handled by us for more than 1 year will not be shown via the tracking service. Nonetheless, please feel free to contact us for any shipments that you have had with us for more than 1 year by calling our office.

Our online cargo tracing service is designed to enhance the service that DAS provides to our customers. Any communication between parties using this website does not constitute or infer a binding agreement between parties. Final negotiations regarding costs and service levels must be agreed by direct communication between the parties involved by means of communication outside of this website.

For further information please contact our system Adminisrator at (852) 23041488 or info@daslog.com


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