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Wine Forwarding

DAS is a very experienced freight forwarding agent in professionally handling wine shipments. From Paris, London, Belgium, Italy, to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, if you want your wine either exported or imported to or from anywhere in the world¡XDAS will gladly be at your service.

We are capable of getting wine through customs efficiently and smoothly with all the necessary paper works and procedures. All we need to know from you is the location of the wine, and the location of where you would want them to be delivered, the rest, we will help you figure out¡Xabsolutely hassle free for customers.

We help our customers in planning their own desired routing to ensure, with every step of the way, the shipment is being handled with the best care and in the best environment that we could possibly offer¡Xensuring the wine to stay at its best condition.



28/02/08     The Abolishment of duties on alcohol in Hong Kong

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