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Air Service

"Known Consignor" Registration Invitation under the "Regulated Agent Regime"

Under the Hong Kong Aviation Security Programme which is enforceable under the Aviation Security Ordinance, has introduced a requirement to strengthen the security control of Air cargo (as of March 6, 2000). It is a system under which airlines only accept consignments with appropriate security control by Regulated Agent. DAS Express (HK) Ltd. is one of the Regulated Agents among freight forwarders.

As a requirement by the Civil Aviation Department, you are kindly requested to fill in the declaration form in order to be recognized by DAS Express (HK) Ltd. as a Known Consignor (Shipper). Once you become a Known Consignor, your shipments will be recognized as Known Cargo and this can avoid unnecessary delay of your shipments for security inspection.

The Declaration is to indicate that:

1) Cargo consigned by you will not contain any explosive or incendiary device, and
2) You have made your best endeavor to protect the consignments against any unauthorized interference during their preparation, storage, and transportation. And agrees that the packaging and contents of the consignment may be examined for security reasons.

Kindly fill in the Known Consignor Aviation Security Declaration and Shipper's Instructions form and fax it back, to our office at Fax: 2304-1441.

Should you have any further enquiries, kindly contact our office at telephone number 2304-1488 for any further information.

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