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We are Experienced (Updated on 2021)

For 41 years, DAS Express (HK) Ltd. has been committed to providing the utmost quality service to our customers, may they be Olympic swimming teams, Socialites, Actors/Actresses, hospitals, laboratories, or even logistics conglomerates, we would always have the needed professional logistics service provided for them. Founded in 1980 in Hong Kong and over the years, we have built a strong network of overseas branches and agents. Since 1993, after our first office in China was established in Shanghai, China, in order to accommodate for the enormous market growth in China, DAS has continued to establish its branch offices in other major cities in China. 1993--Beijing and Guangzhou branch; 19940--Dalian branch; and in 2011, our Chengdu branch office was also opened for business. Our 40+ years of expertise and framework enable us to offer exclusive service to each individual customer-large enterprises, or SOHO. Through elaborate networks and special connections in the industry, DAS can translate your individual dispatch requirement into a tailor-made transport solution.


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