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Antique & Artwork Forwarding

DAS is known in the freight forwarding industry to provide outstanding customer services when it comes to handling paintings, museum-quality items or other fragile, high-value, and time and temperature sensitive shipments.

Our team of staffs is ready to offer the most innovative solutions in packing and moving antiques and artworks.

  •  We offer timely accurate quotations that enables you to make your shipping arrangements as soon as possible

  •  We specialize in clearing customs for high-value and fragile shipments to ensure the process goes smoothly

  •  We offer inside pick up and delivery

  • We have pads, straps, and all other kinds of equipments to minimize all possibilities of inflicting any kind of damage on the shipments

  • We ensure the shipment, if necessary, to be stored in a secured, 24-hours security warehouse.

  • We keep transfers and extra handling of the shipment to the absolute minimum-reducing the possibility of damage

  • We ensure to provide a clean and well-maintained environment

l We assist our customers in obtaining a fumigation certification if they were to import their shipments into USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Australia, Europe, etc.

(For further information about fumigation regulations, please to our website's " Useful Tools " area)


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