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Specimen Forwarding -- Customized & Time Sensitive Solutions

Definition of Specimen, according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, ˇ§1 a : an individual, item, or part considered typical of a group, class, or whole b : a portion or quantity of material for use in testing, examination, or study <a urine specimen>ˇ¨

DAS has had many big projects with hospitals and research laboratories all over the world in handling their biologically hazardous shipments, or what the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) classified as ˇ§Dangerous Goodsˇ¨. Under such classification, there are 9 classes, the types of biohazard that DAS handles is under Class 6 ˇ§Toxic and infectious substancesˇ¨

Poisonous & Infections Materials

Division 1: Materials causing immediate and serious toxic effects
Division 2: Materials causing other toxic effects
Division 3: Biohazardous infectious material (This division applies to materials which contain harmful microorganisms) E.g. Cultures or diagnostic specimens containing salmonella bacteria or the hepatitis B virus.

From blood samples of patients with hepatitis to any specimen samples that require extreme special handling, DAS will have everything arranged for our customers. In order not to contravenes with the Dangerous Goods (consignment by Air) (Safety) Regulations Chapter 384 Subsidiary Legislation for information, DAS has the expertise to ensure all dangerous goods are properly classified, packed, marked, labeled and documented before they are offered for air transportation.

DAS guarantees to offer you a trouble-free service from the time you contact us with your specimen shipments, to the time the consignee obtain such a shipment. In transporting dangerous goods, we believe our customers deserve the best and the most detail-oriented forwarding agent, and DASˇ¦s expertise in handling this type of sensitive shipment would definitely live up to such an expectation.

Special Packaging Equipment

Series 4 1296 [Credo Cube]
Superior thermal protection in a convenient mid-size container. Qualified to hold chilled medical materials at a safe temperature for up to four days ? ideal for reducing shipping costs or use when unexpected delays may occur. Modular TICR walls with integrated phase-change material break down easily for simple storage and preconditioning in a freezer for year-round shipping.
Product Type: ReusableTemperature
Range: Tempature 2 - 8
Volume: 12 L / 729 ci
Duration: 96.0 hours
Payload Size: 9 x 9 x 9in (228.6 x 228.6 x 228.6mm)
Tare Weight: 21 lb
Outer Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 13.5in (381 x 330.2 x 342.9mm)

*In order to view our company's certificates in handling dangerous goods, please click here."


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